The lcd prices keep increasing

The lcd prices keep increasing and until now, especially iphone lcd prices are even $3 more expensive than ever before and we got market info that it will increase more day by day due to the shortage and big price increase of the IC for lcd production. Besides, samsung and huawei lcd prices increased little by little now because of the limited stock supply and strict inspection in Shenzhen market lately. Soon it is the peak season in September, there will be more orders and if all big demands piled together, when demands exceeed suppplies, the prices will go up for more again which will aggravate the current price increase. At that time, you can only buy much less products with much higher prices. So we advise you to place any new and urgent orders earlier to avoid more loss. Try to plan all your orders as early as possible, and you will save more money.

Holiday Notice

Dear Clients,

We will be leaving for our traditional Spring Festival holiday for 30 days from 23rd Jan to 21st Feb and return at work on 22nd Feb.

So please kindly arrange all your orders before that ( Order deadline: 18th Jan).

Have a nice day.

Best regards,

Quality Control


Weyounge guarantees that products and accessories have been manufactured free of any defect, in materials and manufacturing, according to this specification sheets and that they have passed all the quality controls established before leaving the factory, in order to ensure a correct operation under the operational conditions established.

The warranty covers the costs of faulty parts and labor at the factory. In case of fault or breakdown of the equipment, Weyounge established a warranty for this product of 180 days from the date of sale to the purchaser (only applicable with the presentation of the proof of payment).


Weyounge shall not be obliged to proceed under warranty conditions in the following cases:

A. Damaged by personage

● LCD Display Broken

● LCD Display has been installed with spare parts

● The repair or replacement of parts due to use produced by the normal use of the product and/or that have to be replaced during its service life

B. The product exceeds the period of warranty

C.The LCD Display with frame